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SAMPLEHEAD  (Ingo Schnorrenberg)

For more than 35 years now Ingo Schnorrenberg has been working in different areas of the music business, dedicating himself very early to the numerous varieties of electronic sound production. His musical spectrum focuses on Techno, Progressive Trance, Ambient, Dub, Reggae, Jazz, Drum & Bass, and House. Born in Cologne, Germany he started his carreer in the 80’s as DJ and organizer of parties. At the same time, after finishing his studies, he worked as sound technician for WDR radio, tv and several studios. In the beginning of the 90’s, after building up his own recording studio ‘bassline productions’, he started to force own musical projects releasing his first 12” on Warehouse Records under the pseudonym of ‘Amida’ in 1993. Cooperations with Tsuyoshi Suzuki (as Legal Mission and Bass Chakra), Paul Cooper (as Sunrize), Fred Giteau and Rob Acid were characteristic for some following productions and together with Dr. Atmo and Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) under the name of ‘Falling Infinities’ the album ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ was released on Sony in 1996. His own project ‘Man Of The Last Third’ was successful with the release of two 12” singles (‘The Tube’ & ‘Evolution Of X/Spirit’) and the album ‘Evosonic’ on the French label POF licensed to Virgin Records (France). In the initial phase of the Cologne based radio station Evosonic he took over the part of conception and programme. 1997 Ariola/Logic released the ‘Modifiers’ album (‘Virgin Days’) produced by Ingo and Dr. Atmo as well as Andy & Paul Cooper. The year after Ingo composed the title track for the RTL TV movie ‘Asteroids’ and released two 12” vinyls as ‘Alien Workshop’ (on Medium/ID&T) and ‘Multiple Choice’ (on Insolation/Zoomshot). ARIES RECORDS Ingo’s first own label has appeared for the first time in February 1999 with the ‘Chaishop’ compilation and was seeing itself as the driving force of further development of progressive electronic music. momental records, was his next label (groove oriented fusion of electronic styles with other kinds of music) has started to release in 2009 with the reggae/ dancehall tune Daddy Roach-Sky di limit. After a break of 4 years momental was relaunched in 2014 with the first release of Banda Senderos. SAMPLEHEAD is the new project of Ingo Schnorrenberg starting in 2016 . Between 2000 and 2016 Ingo has produced tons of fantastic tunes of electronic music without releasing them. Also he was producing with some very talented reggae, dancehall and gospel artist on jamaica for a few years. Now the time has come to release some of the tracks he produced in that time completely remixed and combined with some brand new stuff under the pseudonym SAMPLEHEAD. The first release of SAMPLEHEAD is Energy (feat. Denham Smith). Release Date 30.04.2016

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